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Fall 2022-2023

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Beginner (level 1 classes) to Intermediate (level 2 classes) are intended for Academy dancers with 0-3 years experience and/or new to genre.
Intermediate (2+) to Advanced (3) level classes are intended for students who take 4+ hours per week AND multiple classes.

ALL Intermediate and Advanced classes require ballet classes concurrently.
Students who dance 1-3 times a week, or need to build skills, should enroll in our Beginner/Intermediate level classes.

Students will be tested to assure correct placement has been made.

Advanced classes require Director authorization.
This is our advanced, multiple class, pre-professional UDF dancers.

Ballet class must be taken in conjunction with any
UDF lyrical/contemporary class, Top Gun, and /or Leaps & Turns class.

Ballet Performance and Ballet Tech are required for all pre-pointe and pointe students.
Please be sure which class you are registering for so we won't have to move you!
Age Guidelines:
(ages as of September 1st)
Ages 2-3 (Tippy Toes & Tuxedos)
4-PK5 (PreKindergarten) Creative Dancers
Ages K5-6 (Kindergarten-1st Grade)
Ages 7-9 (2nd-3rd Grade)
Ages 9-11 (4th -5th grade)
Ages 12-14 (Middle School)
Ages 15+ (High School)

*Please note: when you are ready to REGISTER, you must complete the registration all the way through payment in order to be registered. The system does drop all non-paid partial registrations at midnight each night!
1ST HOUR $84
2ND - 6TH HOUR $42 (50% DISCOUNT!)
7TH - 11TH HOUR $21 (75% DISCOUNT!)
*The software system will divide incremental hours accordingly

$50 individual or $75 family

SIBLING DISCOUNT 5% off 1st child
10% off additional children in same house

2022-2023 Fall Schedule

Monday Open 4:00-9:30

Room 1 Room 2
4:15-5:15 Musical Theater K5-11 Hippity Hop/Tumble Tots (ages 3-5)
5:15-6:15 Tap 1 (ages 9+) Hip Hop (ages K5-8)
6:15-7:15 Musical Theater (ages 12+) Hip Hop (ages 9+)
7:15-8:15 Tap Int/Adv (ages 12+)

Tuesday Open 4:30-9:45

Room 1 Room 2
4:30-5:15 Tippy Toes (ages 2-3)
5:15-6:15 Ballet (beg/int) (ages 9+) 5:30-6:15 Pre-Pointe (ages 9+)
6:15-7:15 Ballet (adv) (ages 9-11) 6:15-7:15 Lyrical (ages 12+)
7:15-8:45 Ballet (adv) (ages 12+) 7:15-8:15 Lyrical (ages 9-11)
8:45-9:30 Pointe *invite only 8:15-9:00 Top Gun Tech (ages 9-11)

Wednesday Open 4:00-9:30

Room 1 Room 2
4:15-5:15 Acro Beg/Int
5:15-6:15 Top Gun Tech (ages 12+) Ballet (ages 7-11)
6:15-7:15 Lyrical (ages 7-8) Acro Int/Adv
7:15-8:15 Jazz (ages 9-11) Leaps & Turns (ages 12+)
8:15-9:15 Jazz (ages 12+) Leaps & Turns (ages 9-11)

Thursday Open 4:15-8:15

Room 1 Room 2
4:30-5:15 Creative Dancers (ages 3-5)
5:15-6:15 T/J Combo (ages K5-6) Jazz (ages 7-8)
6:15-7:15 Tap (ages 7-8) B/L Combo (ages K5-6)
7:15-8:00 Leaps & Turns (ages K5-8)

Friday & Saturday Open As Needed

UDF Team Rehearsal as Scheduled
UDF Privates Available
UDF Birthday Parties

Ages 2-PK5

Monday 4:30-5:15 Hippity Hop/Tumble Tots (ages 3-5)
Tuesday 4:30-5:15 Tippy Toes & Tuxedos (ages 2-3)
Thursday 4:30-5:15 Creative Dance (ages 3-5)

Ages K5-6

Monday 4:15-5:15 Musical Theater (ages K5-11)
Monday 5:15-6:15 Hip Hop (ages K5-8)
Wednesday 4:15-5:15 Acro Beg/Int
Thursday 7:15-8:00 Leaps & Turns (must take ballet/lyrical combo)
Thursday 5:15-6:15 T/J Combo (ages K5-6)
Thursday 6:15-7:15 B/L Combo (ages K5-6)

Ages 7-8

Monday 4:15-5:15 Musical Theater K5-11
Monday 5:15-6:15 Hip Hop (ages K5-8)
Wednesday 4:15-5:15 Acro Beg/Int
Wednesday 5:15-6:15 Ballet (ages 7-8)
Wednesday 6:15-7:15 Lyrical (ages 7-8, must take ballet)
Thursday 5:15-6:15 Jazz (ages 7-8)
Thursday 6:15-7:15 Tap (ages 7-8)
Thursday 7:15-8:00 Leaps & Turns (must take ballet)

Ages 9-11

Monday4:15-5:15Musical Theater (K5-11)
Monday5:15-6:15Tap Beg/Int (ages 9+)
Monday6:15-7:15Hip Hop (ages 9+)
Monday7:15-8:15Tap Int/Adv
Tuesday5:15-6:00Prepointe (must take ballet and Top Gun)
Tuesday5:15-6:15Ballet Beg/Int (ages 9+)
Tuesday6:15-7:15Ballet Adv (ages 9-11)
Tuesday7:15-8:15Lyrical (ages 9-11, must take ballet)
Tuesday8:15-9:00Top Gun (ages 9-11, must take ballet)
Wednesday6:15-7:15Acro Int/Adv (*skills tested, must take a tech class)
Wednesday7:15-8:15Jazz (ages 9-11)
Wednesday8:15-9:15Leaps & Turns (ages 9-11, must take ballet)

Ages 12+

Monday6:15-7:15Musical Theater (ages 12+)
Monday7:15-8:15Tap Int/Adv (ages 12+)
Tuesday5:15-6:15Ballet Beg/Int (ages 9+)
Tuesday5:15-6:00Prepointe (must take ballet and Top Gun)
Tuesday6:15-7:15Lyrical (ages 12+, must take ballet)
Tuesday7:15-8:45Ballet Advanced (ages 12+)
Tuesday8:45-9:30Pointe *Invite Only, must take ballet, Top Gun, and Leaps & Turns
Wednesday5:15-6:15Top Gun (ages 12+, must take ballet)
Wednesday6:15-7:15Acro Int/Adv *skill tested, must take a tech class
Wednesday7:15-8:15Leaps & Turns (ages 12+, must take ballet)
Wednesday8:15-9:15Jazz (ages 12+)

SATURDAY's are reserved for Team Rehearsals per the Team Calendar.

Private lessons available by appointment, scheduled through the front desk. Private lessons must be scheduled a week in advance.

Prepointe requires 2 ballet classes and Top Gun taken in conjunction to Prepointe
Pointe requires 2 ballet classes) and Top Gun taken in conjunction to Pointe
ALL Lyrical classes requires a ballet class in conjunction
ALL level 2+/3 classes require ballet class in conjunction
Acro is SKILL BASED. Levels 2 & 3 require ballet class in conjunction

*PLEASE NOTE: Classes and teachers are subject to change, for any reason. Classes that do not meet enrollment requirements will be combined or discontinued. If forced to temporarily close due to COVID-19, all classes will seamlessly convert to online until we are able to safely reopen. our physical location.
UPDATED 12/10/21

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Professionally Working & Retired Dancer Instructors
Florida Dance Masters certified by test to teach (all subjects)
Dance Masters of America certified by test to each (all subjects)
National Dance Competition adjudicator
MTV® choreographer
Nationally ranked award winning Powerhouse Dance Team
Guest choreographers and Master Teachers

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