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When choosing who you want to compete with, go with the BEST and GROW exponentially

The Ultimate Powerhouse Team!

Be a part of the EXCITEMENT!
Friday, August 2, 9am. *prospective new members

**Parent meeting immediately following tryouts.

Please email to express your interest.
Include your name, age, and how much dance experience you have.

ALL AGES are welcome to audition to be part of our POWERHOUSE team!

HEY Tiny Tots Ages 3-PK5!
Ask us how YOU can be part of our UDF Powerhouse Team!
No audition for this age! Let Miss Annette, Team Director, know you want to be part of our UDF Team!

**Team rehearsal fee will be added when Team Rehearsals are scheduled

We are proud to offer our POWERHOUSE dancers choreography that has officially been recognized as "outstanding" and "cutting edge" by dance competitions around the nation. Our choreography consistently wins NATIONAL awards for TOP SCORES, TITLE WINNERS, STYLE, TECHNIQUE, CHOREOGRAPHY, ENTERTAINMENT & SPECIAL JUDGES AWARDS!


Competition and conventions are a required part of our competitive program.

The POWERHOUSE TEAM equally represents ULTIMATE DANCE FLORIDA at performances for the community, competitions and conventions.

We believe that a well rounded dancer is the best dancer!

Our Team is made up of well rounded dancers who want to dance in the community for friends, family, and share our philanthropic vision of dance. We also will be marching in a parade(s)!

We are very proud to offer a superior level dance team for those who wish to take their dancing to the new heights!

All dancers will be expected to execute the following to the BEST of their ability:

*Right AND Left Split, no hand support
*Right AND Left Heel Stretch (turn: Elite or hold: Intermediate)
*Right AND Left Pirouette;
  Intermediate: Minis 1 revolution, Juniors 2 revolutions, Teens and Seniors 3 revolutions
  Elite: Minis 3 revolutions, Juniors 4 revolutions, Teens and Seniors 5 revolutions

    The Audition Will Consist Of:
  • Short Ballet barre and center adagio
  • Across the floor combo(s); multi level
  • 32 count choreography combo to learn and do for judges
  • Improv skills
  • Special skill they want to share for "extra points"
  • 30 second solo, choreographed by student, with their own music, showcasing their BEST style (10 points) ages 9+ only
  • A brief written essay as to why you want to be a part of the UDF Powerhouse Team, and what commitment means to you. Include a plan as to how you will maintain schoolwork with grades of A/B's only.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR dancers who are goal oriented with a strong work ethic and excellent attendance. A strong focus and drive, as well as the ability to apply corrections is of utmost importance to making the team successful. DANCERS will make lifelong friends on this team. Our team members are committed to the studio, each other, and striving to be the BEST! This is a COMMITMENT to classes and rehearsals.

Please be sure you are capable of the time and commitment required of our Team prior to auditioning.

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