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The PROFESSIONAL Staff at Ultimate Dance Florida is extremely careful and dedicated to choosing the correct class level and placement for each student. It is very important to remember that all students are individuals with very different talents, skills, and ability levels and they will not all progress at the same rate. The most important thing is that the student "enjoys" the class and "feels comfortable" in it and is "happy". A "happy" learning environment is sure to yield progress. Ultimate Dance Florida is a very progressive school and all of our classes are challenging in different ways.

  1. Class placement is the teacher's/director's decision. After all, that's what he/she is trained to do. Unlike academics, where progress can sometimes be measured with a score or a grade, dance progress cannot be measured as simply. There are many factors that cannot be judged by the untrained eye - flexibility, natural ability for movement, the speed at which a dancer picks up choreography, musicality, performance quality, command of a room or stage, and technical execution.
  2. NEW STUDENTS will be placed by the Director and Teachers. Not all studios follow the same level structure and therefore if transferring from another studio, it doesn’t mean you will be placed in the same level from your old studio. Please trust the process of this placement and know that we work to find the best level for all dancers to thrive and grow.
  3. Did you know that there is no certification required in this country to open a dance school? Because of this, Ultimate Dance Florida has established itself as an institution of "excellence in the performing arts" and is recognized nationally as such. We pride ourselves on the training and excellence of our staff. Annette Alvarez is certified by both Dance Masters of America and Florida Dance Masters, the largest and most prestigious dance teacher organizations in the United States. The entire staff teaches from their many years of dance and music experience and performance training. Many are members of professional performing arts organizations as well.
  4. PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT Placements are final and must be respected.
  5. Training Hours and Frequency The number of times a student studies per week, and his/her attendance may also have an important influence on how quickly he or she progresses. We sometimes find that many students who have taken ballet for several years are usually able to work at a higher level in tap and jazz than those that have had little or no ballet training. This is because ballet encompasses all the fundamentals of dance movement.
  6. SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES Ultimate Dance Florida prides itself on having a "friendly" and "family-like" atmosphere with enough strong dancers & teachers to help each dancer develop into the best that he or she can and wants to be. From time to time, our teachers must make decisions whereby certain students are chosen for solos, competition groups, special parts or special auditions. These decisions are not easily made and are thought out carefully. The parents and teachers must work together to help students understand that not all students can be chosen for all things. When the teachers think that a particular student is ready for a certain endeavor, the parents will be informed. We want our students to be "happy for" and not "jealous of" each other. It is our intention to teach the students to learn from each other and to be motivated by each other. We at Ultimate Dance Florida sincerely try to give as many students as are ready, "special dance experiences". Again we stress - all students are not equally talented, but there is always a place for dancers of all levels!
  7. ABOUT THE POWERHOUSE DANCE TEAM In the past 25 years, the dance world has changed immensely. Dance competitions and conventions have become a major force in the dance world, and we feel (along with America’s other top schools) that when handled correctly without undue pressure, competitions are a fun and exciting way for the dancers to show off their abilities and hard work, to be educated by seeing other top-level students, and to become friends with well-known teachers, performers, and choreographers.

    The Team provides this opportunity for students (ages 5-18) who wish to take part in an accelerated program of study, and also perform locally and compete regionally and nationally. New members are selected each summer through our audition process and receive written invitations to join. Those who accept then participate in Summer Training/Dance Intensive, study all forms of dance for up to ten hours a week during the dance year, and also work on choreography, putting together the innovative and precise routines that they have become known for in preparation for performances and competitions.

    In just a few years, the Team have earned a reputation as one of the top "competition teams" in the area, winning praise from top professionals and other teachers for our technique, performance quality, costumes, and choreography. Just as important is the recognition we have received for our "age-appropriate" dances and for having the "best sportmanship", truly happy for all the dancers they compete with and against!

    EVERY Team dancer MUST participate in a mandatory Summer Dance classes and Intensive.
  8. CONCLUSION We encourage all of our students to work hard to become the best dancers that they can be at the level which is suitable for them. Our goal is for classes to be a happy and glorious experience for each student.


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