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ALL of our classes are taught by our expert, professional, qualified faculty, with Powerhouse Team class assistants in many of our younger classes. Our adult instructors are members of various professional dance organizations and will guide the dancer in reaching their fullest potential, while gaining confidence and self esteem. And let's not forget... most importantly- with a smile on their face! All of our class ages are as of September 1.

Recital Ballet

Ballet is fundamental to ALL forms of dance. While we incorporate various methods and expose our dancers to various schools, we expose students to ABT philosophies. Students will experience a classical ballet class and learn correct ballet terminology. Pointe and pre-pointe classes are offered to dancers whose ability warrant an invitation to the appropriate class. (45 minute-1.5 hour class) *Pointe and Pre-Pointe must also enroll in both ballet classes for their age and Top Gun class.

Criteria For Pointe Work


Jazz is a great way to experience dance! Students are introduced to a variety of styles, including Fosse, LA style, Broadway, Classical, Contemporary and American. Students who take jazz are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also take ballet.


Lyrical is about "telling a story to the lyrics or feeling of the music". The emotional content of the piece – humor, pathos, love, anger – as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Students are REQUIRED to take our UDF RECITAL Ballet class. We strongly believe this properly prepares them for the work involved with lyrical dance.


Rhythm, syncopation, and fun are all part of our tap classes. From "hoofing" and getting down into the floor, to Broadway tap, we teach it all. Students are encouraged to take a ballet class, as ankle strength and foot flexibility are an important element for the successful tap dancer. Tap is very skill based and we may re-level your dancer during evaluations.

Hip Hop

This class is all about the funk! Hip hop dance refers to dance styles, mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip hop music, or that have evolved as a part of the hip hop culture. Students will be exposed to both east coast and west coast styles, as well as "old school" as it makes its comeback and new school that is here now! Expect to break a sweat and have some fun in here as you bust that move! This class is assigned by age to keep moves and music age appropriate for the dancers.

Preschool Children's Combo Classes
(Ballet and Tap)

Our PRESCHOOL CLASSES are age specific (children must be the class age as of September 1st) and designed to meet the needs of each developmental level, both physically and emotionally. Each of these age classes offer a combination class of ballet and tap. These classes Tiny Dancers and Creative Dance, introduce our sweetest little dancers the idea of movement to music. Rhythm, counting, left/right, and basic classroom procedures make this class an experience for the dancers to learn basic etiquette and have an ULTIMATE time as they enter into dance classes!

TumbleTots & Acrobatics

UDF acro classes are taught by an experienced instructor. Our students are placed by ability, and the instructor does have final say in their placement. We concentrate on flexibility, strength, and total proper placement and technique. Students may be moved from level to level as skills change. Ballet classes are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for Level 1 & 2, and required for Level 3 and up.

Acro Level Guide

Ballet/Lyrical and Jazz/Tap Combo

Our Jazz/Tap and Ballet/Lyrical Combo class is a FUN and EXCITING way to allow your dancer to experience two genres of dance in an hour long class. Jazz fundamentals and tap basics or beginning Ballet and Lyrical foundation are taught in a safe, happy, POSITIVE environment where learning is sure to occur!

Top Gun Class & Leaps, Flex, & Turns
(Technique only classes! *no recital dances)

Our TECHNIQUE ONLY classes are required of our Powerhouse Team members, but open to all UDF dancers who are enrolled in 1 ballet and 2 other classes.

This class will focus on leaps, turns, stretching, flexibility, core strength, balance, and other skills to enhance our regular dance classes and the dancer. Dancers in this class will fine tune their skills and grow in strength, confidence, flexibility, and technique.

Dress Code

Dance Is A Disciplined Art

Therefore, ULTIMATE DANCE does require our students to adhere to our dress code.

dancers in leotard and tights

All female dancers (except Hip Hop, Acro, Leaps & Turns, and Top Gun) are expected to be in a burgundy/maroon leotard and ballet pink convertible tights. Neat bun with hair net for all classes. This is expected dance etiquette.
Hip Hop may wear anything, except exposed zippers or rivets that could damage the floor. Hair in a bun or ponytail.
Acro must wear burgundy/maroon leotard with burgundy/maroon boy shorts- no tights.
Top Gun/Leaps & Turns ballet attire OR solid black leggings or boy shorts (no name brands showing), solid black sports bra or black leotard, tan convertible tights, appropriate shoes listed below
All male dancers are expected to wear a solid white or black fitted tank t-shirt and black fitted shorts or male tights (ballet), with dance belts for boys 9 and up. Black or white no show thin socks with dance shoes as listed below.

Shoe Requirements:

Ballet: *includes combo classes

Pointe: Once a student is approved for Pointe, they must make an appointment with Dancewear Corner (in Orlando) to be fitted by a certified Pointe Shoe fitter. Only shoes bought from DWC will be acceptable, as they are able to find the correct shoe for the student based on their vast inventory selection. DO NOT SEW ribbons or elastic until they have been approved by the UDF instructor.

Tap: *includes combo classes

Jazz: *includes combo classes
All Ages: BLOCH Pulse Jazz Shoe S0470, (tan)

Lyrical/Contemporary: *includes combo classes
All ages: CAPEZIO Turning Pointe 55 (nude)

Acro: Barefoot

Hip Hop:
Any SOLID BLACK (including the sole) dedicated to dance only sneaker. If you wear them outside, you may NOT wear them on our Marley dance floors.

Musical Theater:

Additional Information

  1. Hair must be in a bun for all classes. Hip Hop can have a pony tail. UDF will sell "hair kits" for $5 to those who need to correct their hair for any UDF class.
  2. NO JEWELRY (small post earring are ok). UDF will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewelry removed due to being removed for class.
  3. UDF will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please take dance bags with you into your classes. Keep dance bags zipped up.
  4. ABT examinations: When offered, students who take optional ABT examinations will be required to purchase required examination leotard and skirt for the examination.
  5. Trial classes: Students who are "trying class", please wear dance wear if you have it, if not, please wear fitted clothes.
  6. Dancewear: All dance wear is available online through various dance wear websites, or at Melbourne Dance Wear on US1 or Dance Gear on Barton Road. Please ask us if you are having trouble locating any of our required items. Please do not "substitute" any required items.
  7. Items may be updated as discontinued or unavailable. We will provide an alternative for the item.
  8. No runs or holes in tights. While a small hole or "run" is acceptable, large holes and multiple runs are not. Please replace promptly when these holes appear. Tights are sold at the studio.
  9. Cell phones are expected to be on silent and put away in dance bags. If you have an emergency and need to reach your dancer, please call the studio and we will get your child for you.

Dance Wear

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